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AMS gives our dealerships access to a huge library of vehicle data and information. Drive traffic to your site by giving your potential shoppers the info they need to make an intelligent buying decision. Our comments are written by people not a machine adding a personal touch to your listings while getting the attention of the search engines. If you want to take full advantage of this service our team of writers can make custom comments on each and every one of your listings.

Top 4 Reasons Industry Leaders Encourage Custom Vehicle Comments

1. SELL COPY: Adding copy to any vehicle listing will result in a 50% increase in contacts. However, quality and quantity both matter.

2. QUANTITY: Writing more than 12 words will increase contacts by 80% compared to used-vehicles without ad copy.

3. QUALITY: Use language with a strong call-to-action to catch the car shopper’s attention. Incorporate keywords relevant to your vehicle that in-market shoppers frequently search for including new, low, call, special, sale, CARFAX, check, service, incentive, financing, customer, reputation, excellence, experience, family, and quality. Adding five or more of these keywords will result in a 24% boost in contacts1.

4. SEARCHABLE: It’s crucial to list specific characteristics including trim and body style for vehicles to ensure customers find what they are looking for. Two out of every three used-car shoppers narrow down their search results using the filters in place. The top five ways consumer’s filter search results are by year, price, mileage, body, style/trim, and transmission.

What You Get With Each Vehicle Description

  • Custom descriptions that fuel the emotional need to buy
  • Concise yet vivid descriptions that will leave a long lasting impact on the minds of the readers
  • Sharp and crisp descriptions that are free from factual errors
  • Professionally written SEO vehicle descriptions crafted to perform in the search engines and increase sales conversions
  • Relevant copy that provide answers to vehicle-related questions of prospective buyers
  • Features and benefits to show why it is the right choice
  • Vehicle description copy crafted to perform on automotive dealer websites
  • Rapid turnaround to keep your inventory sounding its best
  • We assign the best description writer to you for your dealership
  • Free up in-house resources time so they can get back to doing what they do best
  • Free premium customer support because we care about your site as much as you


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