We are a full service automotive marketing company

Automotive Marketing Solutions is a leading national dealership marketing company. We work with dealers to help maximize ROI for online marketing of their inventory.

We provide comprehensive solutions for dealerships such as high resolution photos, HD video, custom comments, social media marketing, inventory feed management, etc.

What We Do

Inventory Managment

More control, more automation & simple user interface. We use the industry's leading technology to get your inventory on your inventory to the public. We have partnerships with dozens of auto listing companies to get your products noticed quickly!

AMS Virtual Tour

We use a proprietary system that combines the latest virtual tour technology with better camera technology and a highly trained staff. Check out what makes us different.

SMS Lead Capture with TextUps

Instantly deliver comprehensive vehicle information while simultaneously collecting warm leads using existing inventory right on the lot.

Social Media Managment

Our team of Social Media Strategists are always one step ahead of the current trends. Reasonable pricing, custom video creation and amazing results, our social media team is top notch!

VIN Specific Digital Ads

Track visitors on your website from any traffic source and retarget local, low-funnel shoppers with VIN-specific ads that drive them back to your VDPs.

AMS Viral Video

Get more attention to your inventory! AMS Viral Video was one of our first products. We figured out a way to provide the highest quality in our industry, check out the difference.

Awesome company with great people. Great fit for any dealership.

Brad Paschal

Automotive Marketing Solutions

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